Monday, January 17, 2011

Purchasing "THE DRESS" Extravaganza

This past Friday, January 14th, I headed to Spring Hill, TN for a much needed girls weekend.  However I did have an agenda, to purchase my wedding dress.  One of my best friends, Melissa lives in Spring Hill and the boutique I am buying my dress from is in the neighboring town of Columbia.  So it gives me an excuse to get to see her and other friends I rarely get to see.  BONUS!

I arrived around 5:30 and we decided to eat Japanese! I love sushi, so it was so nice to go eat something I rarely get to.  I tried to keep it healthy and I think I did pretty well.  Melissa and I always have a lot to talk about since months go by before I get to see her.

Ok, so the next morning we were going to the boutique around 10:00 a.m.  As I was getting ready I started to panic.  The dress I am buying has lots of choices of colors.  Without giving too many details basically I was having trouble deciding white or ivory.  I had been debating over this for months, but today was the day! I had to make a decision in an hour! AHHH! It's sad, but I think that is one of the toughest decisions I have ever made! But its made now! No turning back! When we got to the store, they were super busy! Luckily, when you mention that you are here to PURCHASE a dress and not just try on, they are definitely at your service! Because I live 3 hours away, I had to make this appointment count! I had to 1. Order the dress, which a lot goes into.  I had to get measured your normal ways and then do a hem to hollow measurement.  My dress can not be altered length wise so my hope is that it is right! 2. Order shoes. I had to order my shoes along with my attendants shoes.  They had to be ordered at the same time, because they are being dyed a custom color.  Dyeing them all at the same time prevents color mistakes.  3. Pick out jewelry and 4. Pick out a veil.  I completed most of that! I actually have to go back and order my veil because they did not have one in the store to try on that I liked.  I did try the dress back on to look at jewelry and veil options.  This was my favorite part because the last time I was there it was October and I had lost about 10 more pounds since the last time I had tried it on.  Melissa took pictures the last time and we took pictures this time and compared them.  I was so thankful I could tell the difference.  It gave me so much motivation to get these last 20-30lbs off before May! I wish I could post pictures of the experience, but it would spoil the surprise! You will just have to be there May 28th to see the final result!

So that's it! My dress is ordered and I will see her in about 12 weeks! It is a surreal feeling when you purchase your wedding dress.  It finally feels real! You are getting married! For most girls it is the dress you have dreamed of your entire life and although the image may have changed, the feeling you want to have when you put it on sure doesn't.  I can't wait to see Neil's face!

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