Monday, January 10, 2011

The Beginning of a New Life!

Hi! I'm Ashley and this is a documentation of my life in action.  I have often thought about starting a blog, but to be honest I never thought I had much to offer the world.  But then it hit me...I am not blogging for "you".  Sure I would love for you to read and feel free to comment on my thoughts.  But ultimately I am starting this for me.  The purpose of this blog is to document my thoughts, feelings, and the beginning of a new life becoming a wife.  I think of this as the 21st century journal or diary.  Although I am giving access for the entire world to read it, what fun would it be if we didn't!

One of my new year's resolutions was to start a blog and I am proud to say that I am actually completing it! The hard part is yet to come, actually writing daily or weekly. So where did this motivation come from?  Well from Grandmomma.  She was actually Neil's Grandmother, but to be honest in the last four years I have thought of her as my own, and she didn't treat me any different.  Sadly we lost her just a few days before Christmas this past year.  One thing I admired about her was her dedication to journaling.  She always knew details from past events because of this.  After reading some of her journals it made me want to start so I can preserve some of my most precious memories and also made me realize how much I missed writing. So here is to you Grandmomma! Thanks for inspiring me!

As I mentioned earlier I am beginning a new chapter in my life, becoming a wife.  As Neil and I are getting married in May, the next four months I will probably be covering wedding plans, maybe even some of how I cope with being a new teacher as well, but I hope to include what Neil and I have learned on how to make a marriage work.  Now, by no means am I an expert on the subject.  But by reading a lot of books and personal experiences, I have many thoughts that I want to remember and maybe you will get some use out of as well. 

Well there it is my first post! Not sure it was what I was going for, but I do like to sit down and see where my mind takes me.  Thanks for all who "tuned in."  As you probably already figured out I write how I speak.  So grammer will not be a priority in this blog =). 


  1. Loved the blog. How is the book coming?

  2. The book his going great! Kind of slow, but he and I are reading it together per Jerry's instructions =) Thanks for reading!